Store Manager / Manager in Training

Reports to:           District Manager

Position Summary
Achieves sales and profit plan for an assigned store by executing Company policies and procedures; identifies and takes advantage of product and merchandising opportunities; ensures excellent customer service; hires, trains and motivates the management and selling team; and, does related work as required.  

Distinguishing Features of the Work   
While a Store Manager works under the supervision of a District Manager and follows established policies and procedures, the manager is expected to apply initiative and creativity in driving sales and profits.  The manager analyzes the profit and loss statement to minimize expenses and maximize productivity; the manager studies product sales, inventory and turnover to change product mix, to lower costs and increase sales.  A Store Manager determines proper placement of product within the store, whether product lines such as video games, apparel, posters, etc. should be sold and quantities needed. While some approvals for these changes must be obtained, the manager must identify the need, and then support it (even sell it) to the proper authority.  The Store Manager must also ensure that sales and customer service standards are met. While the Store Manager sometimes is working directly with customers on the selling floor, the manager is also skill practicing correct behaviors and selling skills for the Sales Associates, monitoring floor coverage, coaching Associates on selling efforts; and also observing and taking action on merchandising opportunities, loss prevention exposures, etc.  

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Drives sales by modeling effective customer service for all Associates.  Identifies Associates with selling deficiencies, analyzes opportunities for development, and initiates skill practicing where appropriate to further those areas for potential development previously identified.
  • Effectively motivates others to meet and exceed sales plans. Develops and communicates performance goals to Associates.  Monitors and analyzes Associate performance in accordance to those previously communicated goals and utilizes this information to effectively develop and assign associates to yield maximum sales.
  • Analyzes sales trends by using all available resources. Consistently communicates with assigned merchandising representative to ensure appropriate product mix at store levels.  Looks for, and communicates market opportunities to appropriate departments in order to drive sales.  Communicates identified areas of opportunity to district manager for discussion.
  • Actively supports store in conducting contests and promotions.

Human Resources

  • Ensures proper staffing by analyzing and identifying store needs. Uses past sales information but makes adjustments taking into consideration product releases, special and/or local events, weather conditions/forecasts, etc. 
  • Pro-actively recruits talent that possesses the attributes previously identified as being needed to drive sales.
  • Develops Associates through training programs.  Identifies opportunities to appropriately coach associates while they are performing. Looks for opportunities to effectively use skill practicing and model effective performance behaviors. 
  • Effectively motivates Associates to achieve position requirements. Reinforces positive Associate performance where appropriate.  Analyzes and develops training plans for Associates who have been identified by the manager as underperforming through observation and result analysis.  
  • Ensures that store-level Associate performance appraisals are performed in a timely manner, incorporating the manager’s observations and analysis of performance.  Conducts and documents counseling sessions consistently in regard to all associates where deemed necessary.
  • Appropriately addresses and follows protocol for associate relations issues.  Identifies potential issue areas and appropriately enforces Company policy through communication, training, and modeling appropriate behavior.


  • Maintains and controls all expenses to ensure store profitability.  Analyses the store profit & loss statement to identify areas that may increase profitability.  Makes all Associates partner in cost savings measures.
  • Protects all corporate assets by following loss prevention guidelines.  Analyzes store trends and identifies potential loss prevention issues within the store.  Takes steps to reduce potential loss by effectively addressing those previously identified loss prevention issues.  Effectively communicates with Regional Loss Prevention Manager.
  • Ensures efficient use of payroll dollars by utilizing effective scheduling.  Analyzes store sales trends and reviews upcoming events and releases that could impact scheduling needs and identifies scheduling needs throughout the upcoming weeks.  
  • Ensures adherence to all company policies and procedures. Models appropriate behavior at all times.  Effectively reiterates and reinforces any changes in Company policy.  Completes, maintains and submits all required company paperwork on a timely basis.
  • Provides for a well maintained, clean and organized store to support efficient operations and a pleasant shopping environment.  Analyzes and identifies areas of opportunity to enhance operational efficiency.

Merchandising and Marketing

  • Ensures that all aspects of inventory integrity occur (receiving and returns, price changes, cycle counts, and rush ordering).  Monitors staff performance in these areas, and identifies areas for further development.
  • Effectively merchandises store. Follows corporate communications and identifies areas of possible opportunity through analyzing sales trends, and projecting local trends that may affect store sales.
  • Strives to continually increase personal product knowledge and that of all store Associates.  Through observation and interaction, analyzes Associate strengths and weaknesses in regard to product knowledge and develops an action plan for further development based on genre needs of the store.
  • Actively shops competition to maintain awareness of strategies, developments and opportunities.  Identifies areas of opportunity to increase store sales based on observed trends.
  • Monitors product level in store.  Communicates product needs based on analysis of sales trend, and any local trends that could influence sales identified by the manager.


  • The Store Manager establishes a positive, professional, sales and profit-oriented atmosphere, and always leads by setting the appropriate example.
  • Shows fairness, good judgment, and consistency in decision making and delegation of responsibilities.  Exhibits awareness, sense of urgency and organization.
  • The Store Manager must plan, organize, delegate, execute and follow-up based on the continual analyzing and identification of store needs.
  • Assists District Manager with special projects as requested.
  • Communicates regularly and maintains a framework of open communication with district manager and all subordinates to provide a flow of relevant business information.


  • Minimum one to two years of store management experience. 
  • Candidate must be available for a minimum of 44 hours per week.
  • Completion of some college studies or college graduation is preferred.